In 1971 the FBI created a program called "Wonder Friends" to recruit and train superheros to fight crime and evil, both normal and superhuman. This group was made public in order to inspire and give hope to innocent citizens, but its presence also served as a lightning rod for supervillain activity, some of which seemed to pop up merely to oppose them. This culminated in a major incident where many of the Wonder Friends died in a showdown with Dr. Ex Mortis and the team was scrapped.

That wasn't the last FBI's attempt at a superteam though. It was decided that a team like the Wonder Friends could work, it just couldn't be public. The new group was still government-affiliated and -funded, but the public didn't know about it. There were no costumes or big battles, no public presence at all. This attitude of "zero presence" lead to the name Agency Zero. It's members covertly find criminal activity, infiltrate and stop it with out doing anything that gave them away as superheroes. When bad guys were brought down they never knew who did it, and they never even thought it could have been superheroes, so there was never any revenge. While no longer able to inspire the public with their presence, nor did they draw the deadly retaliation strikes their predecessor team did.

One of the few problems Agency Zero has is that they're understaffed due to their low profile, so they're constantly on the lookout for new members.

Agency Zero StaffEdit

  • M: Leader and primary field commander.
  • D'bra: Platinum Dragon in a human body. Manager at branch HQ.
  • D: Human teleporter able to dimension-shift material thanks to device implanted in his skull. Command Agent.
  • Shade: Darkness powers. Manager Agent.
  • Brass: Human with ability to turn his skin into super-tough metal. Team Lawyer
  • Stryyp'Gia: An alien field agent possessing a variety of powers thanks to bonded artifacts. Recent recruit. Currently mentored by M.
  • Xane: Hot-headed Nubian goddess of battle.
  • Crush: Density-controlled heroine. New recruit.
  • Phoenix: Plasma powers.
  • Dorton: Genius tech specialist.
  • Zahk: Robot overseer.

Former/Retired MembersEdit