Once thought to be Gina Diggers sent to the past and grown to great power, Ancient Gina is in fact one of Gina's greatest enemies, Madrid, who once copied Gina's form and talents and, after a series of traumatic events, decided she liked Gina's way of living better than her own, growing more like her old foe before being sent to the past.

Somehow, Ancient Gina was involved in the saving of three ancient races, the Artificers, the Shadows, and the Gardeners, from the death of the previous universe. Ancient Gina was also involved in the Draconic rebellion against the Saurians, providing them with the Enigmas, granting them from that point forward the innate magic powers that would define them.

She uses her great powers to assemble forces and prepare for some oncoming threat, though she fears even with her aid the odds are little better than a coin flip.

Now, she is locked in a deadly game with her pawn Dreadwing, who possesses Negative Infinity to her Positive Infinity, two halves of a time engine that allow the alteration of events in the past, but only in turns with the other user. Ancient Gina tries to direct him away from his destructive aims of conflict as she prepares them both for their mutual conflict against the coming danger, even as he plans to usurp her as soon as the task is done.[1]