Array is the Summoner.


Not so much one person as many, Array has no memory of where she came from, waking up in a lab and subject to terrible experimentations where parts would be cut off from her to encourage her abilities. Though the Agency Zero came and tried to free her, her captors had made sure she didn't legally qualify as a human and so according to the law they could do nothing. Array remained trapped until the electric-controlling supervillain Tirant burst into the lab and, abandoning his original goals upon seeing what was being done to her, freeing her and spiriting her away from the lab.

Now free, she found herself able to put use to her abilities, creating additional versions of her with different talents and personalities, inexperienced at their areas at first, but all Array and all in love with Tirant, having no problem aiding him in his criminal aims despite not being particularly malicious in herself, and even willing to assist heroes who's pasts reminded her of them, such as Brianna Diggers, who due to her own magical creation Array regards something of a sister, and aided Brianna by providing the artificial were-cheetah Raphiel a body (and, coincidentally, allowing Array to create her first non-human alternate form, the werecheetah Shrike).

In truth, Array is Summoner, one of the Engimas created by Ancient Gina, and represents the ultimate form of the art of summoning, able to create a new body and personality for a given take to be summoned at any time, each powerful beings in their own right, living spells rather than the humans Array produced in her amnesiac state. First reverting to her true form after crossfire of a battle involving the Dragon Queen T'mat killed her lover Tirant, the villain demi-dragon Dreadwing was able to take advantage of the situation to gain control of Array, using control spells to deny her the ability to act on her free will and use her as a weapon in his arsenal.