Charlotte Pincer is a genetically engineered Harpy.


Charlotte started out as a "Bioengineered Gene-Clone weapon" designed to look like a nightmare or monster of human myth. In her case she was modeled after a Harpy, a winged half woman half bird creature created by canines from a future alternate timeline. She was completely under control of Dr. Alfred Peachbody, a super intelligent talking dog until Ace and Ryan used ultrasonic sound to sever the connection. This left the Harpy little more than a blank slate, easily led around and directed. Peachbody fled with his “pet boy” Benji, and Penny, Gina , Ace and Ryan took the Harpy with them.

The Harpy freed from the mental control of Peachbody was shy, skittish, and completely ignorant of the world. Penny Pincer brought the Harpy into her household with the thought to train her to be a bodyguard for her like Brittany was for Gina Diggers. She realized over time that even though the Harpy appeared fully grown, it had the mind and innocence of a child. At this point is probably when Penny decided to adopt the creature and raise her as her own. Penny bought her clothing that allowed for a body covered with feathers with wings sprouting out of her back and taught her how to wear them. She taught her how to speak and interact with others. She hired Brittany to teach the Harpy self defense and enrolled her in school as Charlotte Pincer. As of this writing she currently goes to Advanced Public School with her friends Tiffany'Gia , Pojo Polotsk and Erwin Talon. She has mentally advanced to the age of a young teenager, has “noticed” boys, and is doing most of the things a 12 – 14 year old sheltered little girl would do. She has completed her training with Brittany and has taken on the part time role of bodyguard for Penny Pincer.