Fauntleroy is a evil dragon from Jade Realm that was sealed into human form.


Fauntleroy is a dragon who had fifty wives and a twisted sense of adventure. Human adventurers would travel to caves to fight dragons. Fauntleroy is a dragon who would adventure into citadels and castles for fun and treasure. His reign of terror continued unchecked for many years before he invaded a new kingdom. This one belonged to a powerful enchanter known as Balthazar. Using powerful magic. Fauntleroy was forced to change into a humans form and never be able to return to his full dragon shape. He was cast out of the Jade Realm and cast away to the Earth Realm. Of his many wives of two remained with him after the loss of his power. Fauntleroy addresses them as numbers. Six and Thirty-Eight. They are not dragons like him, but they can change forms between a monster-like forms, of Wurms and drakes, to a human female shape. Though they both wish to be dragons. They hoped that if they helped Fauntleroy break the seal on his form that he would use the same power to grant them the form of dragons.

Fauntleroy eventually regained his powers and turned his wives into dragons alongside with him.

He and his wives then went to free Array from prison in order to control her and her power to create magends. However, after touching a magical thorn barrier created by Array and her magend Myria, it created his own magend named Platinus that gave him the strength and armor of a platinum dragon. Unfortunately for Fauntleroy, Platinus' perverted nature would later cause him suffer defeat at the hands of Agency Zero and imprisoned.

After being deported back to Jade Realm, Fauntleroy was going executed for his crimes, but his father intervene and used his illusion magic to fake his execution and used the spell of reversion to reincarnate Fauntleroy as V'ayt.