Queen Suprema is a master strategist and the queen of the Gnuoms. Originally, she was one of Array's enigmas but she sought a more peaceful and separated from them. She made her home among the Gnuoms of Black Rock Mountain and married their drunkard king. When the Shadows attacked Jade Realm, the Gnuoms were were forced to flee below the surface, secretly using black rock passages to escape. When they reach their new home, Suprema helped raise the Gnuoms into a strong force in order to fend off clans of gremlins and fire ants and carve a new land for themselves.

Many years later, Dreadwing, along with Serpentus and Darkbird, attacked the village during his campaign to Ancient Gina's sanctuary to absorb her stockpiled power. However, due to Suprema's planning and both Serpentus and Darkbird are defeated and Dreadwing is forced to expend all the energy he was saving to fight Ancient Gina, although the Gnuoms home was destroyed in the process. While Dreadwing gained his bearings, the Gnuoms escaped through the black rock passage. However, Suprema stayed behind and Dreadwing, intrigued by her skill and abilities fused with her.

While she was fused with Dreadwing, Suprema made the acquaintance of Mikki and Mynni and, secretly, Benji. After coming into conflict with the undead Zero, they finally reach the Sanctuary and Dreadwing began asborbing its power. However, Suprema and the rest of Dreadwing's fusions began to absorb its power also and gained enough strength to free themselves. As Array arrives, it's revealed that she got into contact with Suprema after Dreadwing fused with her and formulated this plan to strip Dreadwing of his power. Bitter over being dragged into her sisters' conflict, Suprema left Array with the now powerless, boneless Dreadwing.