Sue (formerly Six) is one of Fauntleroy's wives.


When Fauntleroy crossed the wrong wizard in Jade Realm, he was cursed into his human form and locked into it. Robbed of most of his magical powers, and banished to Earth. He had lost all but two of his wives who abandoned him when he became powerless, Six and Thirty-Eight.

Six was a drake; timid in nature who emotes a lack of confidence, even though she was bulletproof and could fly. Her greatest fear used to be that once Fauntleroy gained the secrets of the Djinn, causing him to abandon her in her Drake form forever. Instead her fondest wish was to become a full Dragon and have Fauntleroy's children.

On numerous occasions Fauntleroy has shown loyalty toward both his remaining wives while treating them like slaves. Fauntleroy has since gained the power and as promised has made her into a full blown dragon, she renamed herself Sue. He also released her from all ties to him so she could return home to Jade. Sue decided to stay with her husband and help him in whatever he intends to do on Earth.