During the Age of Magic, the wizard Iceron used his magic to combine the slaves in his kingdom with animals, creating the Were-Races. However, Iceron's favored slave, a Were-Rat named Sherisha, betrayed him and killed him. Iceron had created an enchantment to revive himself after his death and he created new Were-Race of Were-Cats to hunt down all the Were-Rats. However, Sherisha knew he would revive and had infected him with her lycanthrophy and enslaved him as the Were-Rat Gothwrain.

List of Were-RacesEdit


All Were-Races have their uniques abilities, but they all some unified abilities such as a healing aura which makes them unable to be injured by any normal means and the ability to change between human, animal and hybrid forms.


All Were-Races have their own unique abilities, but they share certain weaknesses.

  • Silver burns and destroys a Were-Person's aura and can kill them if it isn't treated.
  • Damage done by another Were-Person disrupts the healing aura and can injure them.
  • Magic can injure Were-Races.